How Amazon Dominates the Competitive Search Landscape

How Amazon Dominates the Competitive Search Landscape


This report examines Amazon's search performance in established markets (US/UK). With unique competitive intelligence insights, the report also explores how Amazon will focus investment in the channel to drive growth as they expand into the AU region (Q4, 2017).

Featured in this report:

  • What is Amazon's share of adspend in US/UK markets? How much clickshare does this win them?
  • What are the three key factors which contribute to Amazon's dominant search performance?
  • What is Amazon's search endgame? How much of an advantage does brand awareness and loyalty give them in established markets?
  • How will the retail landscape change now Amazon have entered the Australian market?

This analysis of major verticals in consumer electronics, and department store retail categories in the US and UK, suggests that Amazon's paid search adspend is the driving force behind the e-commerce giant's continued market growth, with the scale and impact of their paid search investments eclipsing that of even their closest rivals.