Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy & Success

Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy & Success


Influencer Marketing: Science, Strategy & Success provides the key insights into the world of influencer marketing that is often missed out, aiming to provide marketers and PR’s with a strategic framework for a data-driven approach to their campaigns.

We surveyed 1000 influencers to understand how brands and agencies are working with influencers alongside 1300 consumers to understand the effect recent ASA and FTC regulations have on consumer buying habits, whilst also identifying what kind of influencer marketing resonates best.

Key findings in the report:

  • 29% of influencers are asked for their audience demographics
  • Just 11% of are asked for their analytics on their blogs
  • 73% of influencers put more effort in collaborations when they feel brand resonance
  • 61% of consumers don't check whether a post is sponsored
  • Half of consumers are more likely to buy a product on the recommendation of someone who specialises in that area