The Fundamentals of Copywriting Worksheet

The Fundamentals of Copywriting Worksheet


Copywriting projects large and teeny-tiny all require good planning if you want to see results. But we don’t always make time, especially when we’ve got our eyes on multiple projects.

We wanted to share something we think will make your lives better, so we’ve spruced up our own daily content planning sheet for you to use when creativity calls. In it, you’ll find all the information you need to create killer copy.

We believe anyone can write compelling messages. So, whether you’re a copywriter in marketing, or a marketer who writes copy, this worksheet’s for you.

Download this worksheet to:

  • Effectively plan out your copywriting tasks
  • Ensure you're writing copy that answers questions, and drives a response
  • Discover how the dotmailer content team approach each and every copywriting task they do